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Twins Special Co. Ltd. (Twins Thailand) has long been known as a manufacturer of premium Muay Thai fighting gear. Our products reflect our passion for the proud history of Muay Thai,

and our deep knowledge of what fighters want. Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, was invented by our great ancestors in the land of Siam (currently known as Thailand), and played a vital role in protecting our country throughout history. It is a source of great pride to our people.

Our Muay Thai gear is hand crafted and painted by master artisans at our internationally certified factory in Samutsakorn, Thailand. Our gear is prized worldwide for its superior materials, craftsmanship and performance. Our quality has been certified by reputable institutions including AIBA International Boxing Association (1998) and the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand.

If you wish to enjoy our authentic Twins Thailand quality, we recommend purchasing our products, which can be bought and sold via our one and only official website;,

and other social media channels listed on our website.

On a related note, we are aware of many customer complaints about the websites,, and, including the many customers who report that their money was taken but they were never sent products. Please note that these websites are not affiliated with us, supplied by us, or authorized by us to sell any Twins Thailand products.

Thank you very much.

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